I’m Dr Mat Parnell

Chiropractor & Personal Trainer

Put your body first and feel the life changing difference!

Allambie Heights & Monavale NSW AUSTRALIA

Our practice has extended trading hours, a beautiful quiet location overlooking the pool, easy parking and just 3mins from Warringah Mall. 

Personal / Online Personal Training

If you’re looking for that next level of fitness, improved stregth or rehad training at home (online videos), Monavale park or at our serene practice gym! Make the call today and I’ll explain how I can get you the results faster and improve more aspects of your life than other personal trainers with my extensive experience and medical background I will have you back enjoying life as a younger version of yourself in no time!

Chiropractic (Telehealth also available)

Sick of living with pain or tried of seeing other professionals and still no change? With my extensive 12 years experience I will have you bouncing back in no time. I want referrals not return clients because I aim to fix you faster and really dig deep to the real causes of the problem. Call to book an appointment or feel free to call even if you just want to chat about whether my approach is suitable for your needs.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU!

Our mission at Core Chiropractic & Personal Training is to help people make informed decisions about their healthcare and fitness needs. Our goal is to improve our clients health through managing and preventing injuries and improving their overall fitness.

Injury Management and Rehabilitation

Post Pregnancy core stabilisation, pelvic floor and weight loss

Events and Specific Goal based Training

Weight loss

What other services do we offer? !

At Core we offer Chiropractic services, Personal Training and Online Customised Personal Training. We aim to fix you sooner by taking a more wholistic approach. We have developed our own exercise videos starring, Dr Mat Parnell. Which you will see when you come to our new practice which overlooks the pool and is surrounded by trees in our tranquil location in Allambie Heights. So once you leave your appointment you can follow up with exercises that support your recovery as well as improve your fitness and any other personal goals you have such as weight loss. We also offer a full Lifefit program which also includes full meal plans. Enabling you to balance your busy schedule and still be on top of your health and fitness goals. We tailor your program to fit your specific goals and weekly routine as well as customising the training plan, exercises videos and activities to your specific health and physical requirements. So you can realistically achieve your goal and avoid and prevent injury, with your already busy lifestyle.


Core Chiropractic & Personal Training your sports chiropractor helps treat sporting and non sporting injuries:

Shoulder problems


Neck pain

Back Pain

Hip/Knee/Ankle sprains and pains

Functional Imbalances

Sciatic referral

Tennis elbow

Golfers elbow

Carpal tunnel

PFPS (patellar femoral pain syndromes): Pain behind the knee cap

Adhesive capsulitis

Shin pains

New Mum program. I want my body back or better!

Bounce Back! Want your abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and excess body weight to return to normal in a safely guided environment? We can check your separation an other health needs and we also have developed a customised excercise program will give you your body back, keep you sane and motivate you, so you can support your family, like the SUPER MUM you are.

General Weightloss

Trim down, tone up and restore your core for a motivated, fit and healthy NEW you! Email us for the PDF on our LifeFit program.


Rehab for but not limited to:

  • Shoulder problems
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Neck pain
  • Back Pain
  • Hip/Knee/Ankle sprains and pains
  • Functional Imbalances
  • Sciatic referral
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfers elbow
  • Carpal tunnel
  • PFPS (patellar femoral pain syndromes): Pain behind the knee cap
  • Adhesive capsulitis
  • Shin pains
Shape changer!

Ever looked at a picture and thought, I wish! Well you can have your cake and eat it too and bulk, tone or slim down your body to your desired shape.

Over 60s "I still can do it" program

Who said you should slow down, accept extra discomfort or no longer play your favourite sport. With the right training you will avoid damaging your body and build the muscles required to enable you to continue to participate in your hobbies and tick off that bucket list.

Feeling more comfortable in my PJs? Corona Kilos

So you got the munchies, your gym shut and your new home office is not ergonomically designed so you buggered your back and spent far too much time on screen. Time to get your body back on track before you turn into a couch potato! Our LifeFit program will get your body back, prevent any desk related injuries and increase your motivation. Plus part of this service is claimable so what’s stopping you improve your confidence and buzz for life!? Call us today.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. The best version of you starts today! Contact us for further information today!


“I’ve never learnt so much in a training session as well as life tips. You really know the mechanics of the body.”

Personal Training

“I’ve seen my fare share of chiropractors and Personal Trainers in the states and in Australia. I’m telling you he’s got magic hands and he’s really easy on the eye.” Gerri

Personal Training and Chiropractic Client of 12 years.

“I never thought I’d get my body back better than before 2 kids and so easily. Plus it’s saved me time and money and the kids can eat my food too!” Phoebe

Lifefit Program

Request more information

Online PT or Lifefit Program

I want to reach my true potential and get started today! Speak to Dr Mat to see if you’re ready to unleash your full potential today.

Information packs

Would you like to hear more about one of our products? Call us today or email for a PDF of our pricing or sample program . We can even send you a sample video so you know what your signing up for! No pressure we’re ready when you are.


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Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

If you’re looking to really get fixed with a lifelong solution or to take a challenge and jump to your next level of fitness then this is for you! Call to have a chat or make an appointment or send me an email to hear more about our online training program or full Life Fit, diet and excersise programs. Don’t risk injuring yourself, your going to be guided by a medical professional every step of the way this is not some one size fits all automated program. Smash your fitness goals and release the best of you today; because you were meant for more!

Online Lifefit Program

Dr Mat Parnell

Helping you reach your full potential!

Experience the Power of change with My Lifefit Program. It’s time to put your body first and feel the life changing difference!

Train in Under 30mins with Dr Mat

Boost your spirits and endorphins and stay sane during these unknown times. Why not try something different and see why online training is the easiest way to stay fit, healthy and happy? Dr Mat’s Life Fit program has customised exercise videos to suit your specific needs to:


Dr Mat Parnell has been a Chiropractor and Personal Trainer for over 12 years so you can be sure you’re in good hands. We are NOT a one size fits all business! For example, if you are currently experiencing back problems or want to achieve a particular body shape or goal weight, we will customise your videos and program to MAKE IT HAPPEN! So let’s stay happy, healthy and positive and enjoy the extra time with our loved ones while finally taking the time to get your fitness goals back on track. Call Mat today or flick us an email for full package details!

*No Lock in contracts



What’s included?


Don’t think what’s for dinner and how many calories am I eating. We’ve got all your recipes and snacks covered. So you can lose weight and gain muscle without even thinking! Want to feed other members of the family too? We’ve got you covered, these dishes can be eaten by the whole family! We’ve designed this program to not only help you achieve your goals but to save time and reduce the hassle as we do the thinking for you!


You will recieve a monthly, weekly and daily overview of your food, excersise and fitness activities. You can view this wherever you are and on any device. You will have a table with your program so you can simply click on the meal/excersise listed in your program and it will link you dirrectly to it. No fancy phones or apps required.

Online Training Videos

Boost your spirits and endorphins and train in under 30mins with Mat. From home, the garden, the park or even in the office. Dr Mat has a nice clear voice and will carefully talk you through each excersise to music so you can boost your endorphins, burn fat and gain muscle. He will also carefully describe the positions to avoid injury. Feels too much just text or call Mat and he’ll adjust your tailor made program. We are not a one size fits all and you are dealing with a medical professional to avoid injury and get to your results faster. For those with other ailments these videos will be specifically designed to avoid straining injuries and build the muscle nessessary to aid a quick recovery.


How personal is this? You will be a name not a number and there are limited places available, as you are dealing directly with Dr Mat Parnell a trained Chiropractor and Personal Trainer of over 12 years. The process starts with a formal phone consultation to understand your availability, goals and medical need to custom fit a program that is safe and will ensure results for your body type and any naughty habits!

Whatever your motivation this training is sure to not only reduce weight, increase muscles and improve core stability. It will also change your life. Flooding your day with energy boosting endorphins this will allow you to reach your full potential in all areas of your life. Put your body first and make the change of a lifetime today!


How do I start?

  • 1 – Make an appointment by phone or by email.
  • 2 – Complete the medical form.
  • 3 – You will be phoned for a consultation to assess your needs.
  • 4 – Your program will arrive via email within two days unless otherwise advised.
  • 5 – Follow up texts, phone calls or emails will be made to track your progress and alter the program for your requirements and achievement levels.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start the NEW YOU Today!

Learn more about our Online Personal Training Program, with Customised exercise videos to meet your needs and NO lock in Contracts!

Learn more about our Online Personal Training Program, with Customised exercise videos to meet your needs and NO lock in Contracts!

Want to workout at home and stay happy, healthy and sane during these unknown times? Want to be a more motivated and better version of yourself? Click below to hear more about our life changing Customised Online Personal Training program. We already offer this product but this month we are offering a no lock in contracts option so you can play it one month at a time. This completely customised program and exercise videos will take on board any pains or other body concerns you have. You are in safe hands as I have been a Chiropractor and Personal Trainer for over 10 years now. You can also opt for the full program with food plans if you want a full transformation and complete meal plans so you know what to stock up on, to eat healthy and come out of this a better version of yourself! Talk soon, Dr Mat Parnell

Thankyou. We will send it out to you shortly.

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